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What do you think of cooking game apps?

last month

I've seen a lot of very odd games that are supposed to be about cooking or food service which seem like the devs learned about cooking by looking in windows while riding by in a bus. I've often thought someone might have something if the game were realistic and kind of taught actual cooking, while people played.

I just happened on an idle game (one where the game goes and you don't do anything but tap to collect stuff) that was so cute, I had to dowload it. Like most mobile games, it's stuctured to play a constant stream of ads while asking for large sums of money, but one doesn't have to do either. It's called Cats & Soup. :) There's a cat stirring a big cauldron and dishing up soup. Then you add a cat slicing carrots with a hatchet, to add to the soup (prior to the carrots, it was called ”bland soup”). Add a rest area with a radio and a palm tree to sit under. Then get a cat mowing cabbage with a peeler, for shreds to put in the soup, and a trampauline for breaks. Plus a cat making smoothies with an immersion blender. And decorate the cats with absurd hats and other clothes and accessories, and the work areas, etc, It has gentle music, and the sounds are written on the screen so it's very sweet and gentle. And the silliest game I've ever seen. Really cute, and ridiculous. And more realistic than the food service games with people characters!

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