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“4 large cooked artichoke bottoms, diced” — and these would be from…?

last month

Good afternoon, folks.

In one of my “Mediterranean” recipe books, I spotted photos of a delicious looking ”Artichoke and Ricotta Torta.” I almost want to eat the photo.

The recipe includes the chopped artichokes, ricotta, hard boiled eggs, onion, and parsley.

From where should I get the artichokes? Maybe hope that the local grocery store has good sized artichokes for a good price (what is a good price)? Open a can of artichoke hearts. Maybe two cans, because they are small.

In the spring I was at a Whole Foods (not close by at all) and they had beautiful huge fresh artichokes. The only way I have ever cooked them is stuff, as many Italian-Americans do.

I would like to make the torte, but I hope to invest less than $4 to $6 on the artichoke? Am I dreaming? Any suggestions?

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