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Coastal wood look for 1951 house room addition?

Susan Veazey
last year

We are adding a primary suite to our all-original 1951 stucco box house. The flooring is original red oak hardwood and we will be stepping down into the new suite at the end of the hallway. I am thinking I would like an airy, coastal vibe in the new bedroom which will have higher ceilings than the original house. I'd love some advice - a) would the lighter flooring make the house feel odd and the addition out of synch with the original house? b) is it best to put in the same species of wood as in the rest of the house but use a stain? we are scoped for red oak now. if we do that, any recommendations? Or should we select a lighter colored species of wood? c) what is the most economical approach - stained red oak or a whiter color of wood (white oak?)?

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