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Refinished prefinished white oak

Sharing before and after pics for anyone interested.
I refinished the prefinished flooring in one of my bedrooms. I thought it was red oak at first but after sanding I realized it is in fact white oak.
I started sanding with an orbital sander with three discs and I started with a 24 grit. It was working out great until it broke. I went to exchange it for another and when I got home it wasn't working either. So I turned out using a flat orbital sander which is not ideal especially for prefinished floors. Anyway, I started with a 24 grit then 36, 60 and 80. I vacuumed between grits. I also used my Rigid orbital sander for edging in the respective grits as well.
After all the sanding and vacuuming I used Timbermate (in red oak) and trowel filled the floor. According to the instructions, your not supposed to sand the filler with anything lower than 100 grit. I actually used 80 grit but the floor was actually polished. So after I removed the filler with the 80 grit I went back down to 60. I vacuumed and wiped the floor then I waterpopped the floor with a mixture of alcohol and filtered water. I actually used my paint sprayer to do this and it worked so well. I waited for that to dry then I stained the floor with one coat of Duraseal Quick Coat in Weathered Oak. When dry, I vacuumed again and then did three coats of Bona Mega ONE sanding in between.
I am so happy with the results.
The thing I would change is that I would definitely rent the drum sander and an edger the next time around.

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