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Maria Elena (Caribbean - USDA Zone 13a)
7 months ago
last modified: 7 months ago

I don’t usually keep single petal Adeniums but ...

This one has the most vivid red I’ve ever seen PLUS a tinge of purple and black worked into the petals. The purple double petal bloom below it was the KO seed purchased (mother). This is a great demonstration of how DNA works in hybrid blooms. All the elements are there but not exactly as in the mother plant. The one I got reverted to single petal, as in the original “Eve” Adenium. The colors have expressed themselves in the reverse with black being the least dominant and red the most.

I’ll hold onto this red one until I see what the blooms for the other 6 I have of this cultivar look like. It’ll be interesting to see what I can get pollinating another flower with this one.

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