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Anyone growing Hosta venusta or 'Kinbotan'?

In 2018 I picked up a plant labeled H. venusta from a local nursery and my main reason for reaching for it was that it was sporting. I have since grown it on and divided it twice and the variegated form is viridescent. At flowering time the variegation has gone decidedly green and by the end of the season it has darkened to the point where you can no longer distinguish any variegation at all. It's quite vigorous and have started to refer to it provisionally as 'Kinbotan' but that name applies to a venusta seedling, not a sport of the specie. There is no indication that 'Kinbotan' is viridescent that I can find although one of the pictures in the HL does show a green variegation as opposed to the mostly cream you see in the other pictures. If indeed what I have is venusta then it would appear as if I have an as yet unnamed sport.

Here are a few pictures. The first one is from late April and the variegation is creamy.

Here is the same pot shot just a few minutes ago and notice how the creamy variegation has gone almost green.

This plant has put up a scape and there are buds but no flowers as yet. The 2nd pot I have is in a different location and it's a 2-gallon pot so it's a larger plant and it's in bloom.

I have not been able to find any pictures other than what's in the HL of the Kinbotan flowers and it does rather look like what I have but my flowers look somewhat different from what's being shown under venusta and that's what I supposedly have. And I say supposedly because this after all was labelled as being venusta. It's a fair question as to indeed that's what I have, the flowers give me concern.


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