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Tallest climbing roses?

Reb Z6-KS
last month

I've gotten such great rose advice here, it's always the first place I go with new rose ideas!

I am looking for a very tall climbing rose to replace my Westerland. She's beautiful, but not tall enough for her spot.

I need a rose that will get 7 to 8 ft, over the top of my deck, and then train horizontally on supports across the length. I need at least 20ft of cane to work with.

I joined HMF, but I can't get good results from my searches? I don't know if you get better results with fewer criteria or more?

I'm in Z6, good fragrance is a deal breaker. My picky detail that makes it a tough search is that if at all possible I don't want real red, bright white or bubble gummy light pink.

Any suggestions would be great!

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