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Wyoming rose survival spring 2022

10 months ago

Hi all!!

The roses are starting to bud out so I'm compiling my annual list of what survived and what didn't. There are quite a few still on the undetermined list, they may come back from the crown or they may not, but here's what's budding out so far.

Disclaimer: we moved in November. So all the roses were transplanted in less than ideal circumstances and had less than two weeks after planting in the new location before it snowed again. They did NOT have reliable snow cover and our lowest temperatures were around -21F.

Green to the tips and budding healthily: Therese Bugnet, Pascali, Hula Hoop, Lavender Jewel, Abraham Darby, Champlain, Lambert Closse, Mountain Music.

Some surviving cane, didn't die all the way back to the crown: New Zealand, Moonlight in Paris, White Licorice, Olympiad, Wollerton Old Hall, Double Delight, Jean Kenneally, Ring of Fire.

Definitely dead: Coffee Bean, Blue Girl, Perfumed Breeze, Le Petit Prince, and Just Joey (who was shredded by neighbor's chickens before the move so I didn't expect the pieces to survive.)

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