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New 2022/2023 Proven Winners Roses

5 months ago

I usually don’t get excited about rose releases by large plant distributors because it has been the overall trend that they release roses that are shapeless and smell like plastic. However, this year Proven Winners is releasing a ”Reminiscent” and ”Rise Up” rose line that seems to break that mold and I’m actually looking forward to them.

“Reminiscent™ roses represent a new day for rose lovers, combining the classic beauty and fragrance of old-fashioned roses with modern-day performance. They were developed in Serbia by a breeding team that is devoted to bringing out the best in color, fragrance, petal count, and flower power.” There is Reminiscent Pink, Reminiscent Coral, and Reminiscent Crema.

They are also releasing several new Chris Warner roses. Three are new fragrant short climber - Rise Up Lilac Days, Rise Up Amberness, and Rise Up Ringo. Another r. persica variety called Ringo Double Pink.

It appears they’re available to order online for 2022 and should be in garden centers in 2023.

Reminiscent Pink

Reminiscent Coral

Reminiscent Crema

Rise Up Lilac Days

Rise Up Amberness

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