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Can anyone recommend a good climbing yellow and climbing red rose

16 years ago

The general rose forum suggested I come to this forum for help so my messgage is re-posted below. I am completely new to gardening.

Hi everyone, I'm hoping ya'll can help me (again). I have 3 arches on my front porch, the side arch is completely covered with a green trellis and I would like to plant a climbing yellow rose to really fill it it.

The house is red brick so I thought yellow would be pretty but I'm open to any suggestions. I would like something that would bloom for a long time (of course).

I'd also like to plant a climbing red rose to cover the 6 foot honey gold privacy fence down the driveway.

Both of these areas are hot as hades (the fence even more so) with direct sun from dawn to about 2 or 3 in the afternoon. My Joseph's Coat with the homely flowers and what I think is a pink Knockout rose bush are already in that general area and both grow like weeds with daily watering, weekly rose food, 3-1 spray every 2 weeks, and fresh slug bait every 2 weeks.

It gets pretty hot and humid here in L.A. (Lower Alabama)so it would have to be something that could take a heat index of around 100 or so. We're currently in the mid-high 80's during the day and still dipping to mid 60's at night. We'll be in the 90's by the end of the month and it will stay there until probably the end of September.

Anyway, I hope that's enough information for some good suggestions and thanks to everyone!


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