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Dug up two unhappy hostas

Ben D (zone 7b)
5 months ago

A couple of the hostas I planted last fall are not looking too happy.

The first is this Cool as a Cucumber. Several leaves have turned brown and shriveled up, but they are still firmly attached to the crown.

I'm thinking it might be heat damage, but I dug it up to check the roots. Here's what I found:

I thought there were two eyes, but there are actually three. And it separated into two pieces pretty easily, with one part growing above the other.

Maybe the problem stems from the lower part being planted too deeply?

My primary question for today is what to do with the left part of this piece:

Should I leave it attached and pot it up as is? Discard the left part? Separate it and try to root the left part in water? There's not much green left on that part. For now I've got all the pieces with their feet in water.

My other unhappy hosta is this Prairie Sky:

I lost one crown from this plant back in the spring. This one is not in my main hosta bed, but is planted among scilla bulbs under a viburnum. When the scilla foliage began to die back, it fell around the hosta and caused some rot, I believe. I've been keeping the dying foliage cleared away since, and also the spent blossoms from the viburnum.

That experience has me concerned about the yellowing leaf at the bottom. Both crowns were a little wiggly too. The roots don't look bad to me, though; am I missing anything?

I've already potted up the Prairie Sky. If it does well enough, I might eventually replant it among the scilla (and be diligent about clearing away decaying matter).

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