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Strong Beginning, but Ominous Future

last month
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The plants here were strong after one of the wettest Mays on record. I had to constantly trim foliage. But now heat and increasing dryness are a countervailing force to a good season.

The usual fanfare of trumpet lily Regale Album announcing the daylily season

John Karl Seager has been lovely

Elizabeth Caldwell is a large early bloomer.

Grace Like Rain has the best bud count I have seen on it. This is typical of many in the garden. But the winter/spring had a different effect on some others.

Jim's Song. Plain, but an intense red.

The Band Played On

Tar and Feather has been a brilliant accent. Again, higher bud count than usual. There are three clumps of this scattered around. Too much sun makes picture taking difficult, as I would prefer not to take a sun shot.

Aerial Applique has never looked so good. Good bud count and unusual height for here. So lovely in the garden!

Echo Echo is an excellent Gossard with good height. Also in the garden, as well as this pot.

Still the One is a favorite.

Some blooms of Clown Parade are faded from the heat.

Pumpkin Prince has been very good (better opening than some years). It must have known that it was a candidate for elimination.

Toucan Sam--a joy to behold.

Some cultivars are on shorter scapes this year, but many others the opposite. For example, Jessica Lynn Bell again on short scapes. Bells and Trimmers were most affected by something. It was more of a Zone 5 winter here, but cultivars may like the steady cold of that zone. Caribbean Whipped Cream has nearly all scapes much taller than usual, around 24-27 inches, with one shorter. Gorgeous, but sun makes shots difficult.

Spunky Girls

Mister Butters--an imposing backdrop to the garden. More pics to come.

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