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Help! builder ruined my wood floors! Please give me some guidance!

last month

I am at my wits end with my builder, the issue is poor workmanship, My floors were installed over 2 months ago,and areas needed to be pulled out and redone three times since then. I requested the floors be covered for protection, but the glue was never cleaned off the floors.

we came down from New York to move into this house in North Carrolina and the floors were a mess with foot prints and glue all over.

i tried cleaning it with no resultss and cleaning woman tried no good so they hired a professional floor cleaner who used a steam cleaner. He was able to get the glue off, but it also took the finish off and a few of the boards are warping.

The flooring manager said he can change a few boards which in reality I need about 50 percent changed. I am so upset I don’t knoow what to do!

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