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Soapstone issue/help

Lisa S
8 days ago
last modified: 8 days ago

i need some help please. Last year I had soapstone countertops installed in my kitchen. when the installers had finished, i had to initial that everything was to my liking. it was, so I did. At that point, the installers immediately put a sealer on the soapstone and said not to touch it/it would be dry the next day. the next day came and I noticed the sealer had left behind these gritty marks. I waited a few days to see what would happen before snapping photos and reaching out to the company I worked with. i was told to not worry about it, let it go, soapstone is nonporous, it’ll fade. Well 11 months later, the marks are still here and look just as bad. I took new photos and sent them, along with the original, to the company and received a phone call. The woman I worked with is setting the stage of no accountability. She said again, its nonporous, the sealer could not have left those marks, and they have no clue what could have caused them/have never seen this before. She’s sending someone down in a few days to look at it, but didnt make any promises on a fix. I ended the call feeling as though I may have an uphill battle on my hands to get this taken care of. What are your thoughts on this situation? Do i have a right to demand a fix? If so, how do I handle it if they take no responsibility? I’ll have a hard time letting the issue go after spending $7,000+.

thanks for your advice!!

Edit: A thought came to mind, maybe during the slab cutting process at the quarry, the stone was burned by whatever tools were used and the sealer enhanced the burn marks?

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