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Garage Ceiling Joists coming off wall cap

8 days ago

I have a simple roof with hips at both ends. The garage is at one end. From the house exterior wall to the garage exterior wall are several ceiling joists. They seem to just be there to tie the house exterior wall to the garage exterior wall, because they have no struts or king posts going to the roof rafters. So I imagine the load on them is just horizontal and provide security/rigidity to the garage exterior wall. The problem is that they seem to be toenailed to the top cap of my house wall. And, they have shifted outboard over the years. Now there is very little of them actually sitting on and supported by the house wall. I am trying to figure out what to do about them. The garage exterior wall is still plumb and secure even though these have moved a little. How should I fix this and resecure them to the house wall top cap? Thanks for any advice.

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