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Information Wanted: Granger Garden

Sayo Violet
7 months ago
last modified: 7 months ago

Hi. I'm a Japanese and seriously addicted to African violets.

I have an AV named Rosemary. I googled on this variety and found it was hybridized by Mr. Ernest Fisher, a Canadian hybridizer, in 1982. (Despite a super vintage variety, Rosemary is sometimes sold here in Japan because one of only a few nurseries still supplies this variety to the market.)

However, I also found that one Japanese AV grower calls this variety "Granger's Rosemary," which I am not sure is a correct name.

I've heard of "Granger Garden" and am very interested in it, but have found little information. In Japan, you can find "Granger's Heart's Desire" sometimes sold on an online auction site.

My question is, what was Granger Garden? Was it a nursery or something?

I would appreciate any information. Thank you.

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