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Help!!! White Oak Floors are Pink after Bona NaturalSeal

last year

I NEED help!!! I just had 5” wide white oak planks installed. I wanted them to look as unchanged from their natural state as possible. My flooring contractor used 2 coats of Bona NaturalSeal followed by 2 coats of High Traffic. After they cured for 3 days I was able to come see them.

They look like a pink white wash!!?!?!?

The pink is very noticible and I’m so confused since they are supposedly white oak?!?! Can anyone help me with this one???

All my research says white oak has yellow brown undertones. The contractor started out as pleasent but by the end seemed like he was rushing and I later learned is closing his business. He is not returning my calls so I’m left trying to determine on my own if what he installed is red oak?! OR IF WHITE OAK CAN LOOK PINK?! Again he used (or so i believe) two coats of BONA natural seal and then high traffice on top.

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