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I think a tomato plant may have germinated in my compost pile?

Lynn Nevins
3 months ago

I started an impromptu compost pile in a large planter. I can't exactly 'turn' the contents...the planter is not quite that large to do so. But I've added potting soil over everything, and figure between the sun, warm temps and rain, it will eventually turn to compost. (And maybe I can more easily turn the contents once they break down a bit more....)

Anyway, I was away for a few weeks and had a housesitter here taking care of all my plants. I came home to see what looks very much like a full grown tomato plant in the compost planter. (No tomatoes yet but the growth pattern and appearance of the leaves definitely looks like a tomato plant.)

Is there any reason I cannot or should not eat tomatoes that came from a compost heap?


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