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The Tale of the Teeny-Tiny Powder Room - 4/23 Wallpaper is up

2 years ago
last modified: last year

When DH and I went looking for our next house, I said I need at 1st floor Powder Room. It's OK if there is not a full bath on the 1st floor, but there has to be at least a Powder. And so there is a powder room, albeit a teeny-tiny one.

Actually it is completely fine. It is located well within the floor plan and it serves its purpose. It is boring and I think it needs sprucing up.

This is my floor plan. The powder has no windows, a pocket door, toilet, corner sink.

This is my inspiration.

Traditional Powder Room · More Info

The trim is in great shape as is the tile floor. The tiles are navy-ish, there is a bit of striated texture with some brownish-black tones. Those are not changing. I plan on installing beadboard panelling and painting the current trim color and wallpapering the remainder .

I havent really picked a wallpaper yet, these are two I like and that DH also liked. I would love your thoughts on the concept and suggestions for wallpaper too.

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