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Water flowing to secondary drain and overflow pan

Cooper Begis
15 days ago

There are no blockages, I checked and double checked. I have attached a picture for reference. I'll talk through that. I can remove the riser at the T just before the "J" loop or whatever is is called, and pour water in, and it drains with no issues. It drains as fast as I can pour.

Coming out from the primary drain, just before the "j" loop or whatever it is called, there is a little riser. Not glued in, simply pushed in to a T fitting. With that riser in place, the water drains from the secondary drain into the overflow pan. Remove the riser and everything works as it should. ok, simple ...... just remove the riser. With the riser removed there is very strong air flow coming from the drain where the riser was removed, at the top of the T. I mean a lot of airflow. Why is the riser there? Why is that airflow so strong? With the riser in place, there is a very strong airflow coming from the secondary drain.

I'm at a loss. Any help would be appreciated.

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