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Workstation sink options- Galley, Raichelle, Delta, Kohler, etc.

Lisa Stiles
last month

I’m completely renovating my kitchen including adding a large island where I plan to have a workstation sink. I easily have the room for a 48”, but wonder if a 36” would do just as well.

I’ve narrowed it down to The Galley, a custom Raichelle, Delta, or Kohler. I would so appreciate input from people that have bought and/or installed a workstation sink.

If anyone knows of another brand that I’ve missed, that isn’t some fly-by-night outfit selling crap on Amazon, and are certain about the quality, please do share.

My budget isn’t unlimited, but I recognize that in the context of the entire renovation, an additional $1000 for something that will be a pleasure to use everyday and a “wow” piece for many years to come, is money well spent.

What I know so far:

  1. I’ve seen The Galley at a specialty appliance store near me and it sure is a “Wow” piece because it’s not something most people have ever seen. The accessories really make it “sing” for a potential buyer, which, of course, adds to the already eye-popping price.

I’m an engineer and I know my steel and my welding. Close inspection of the sink itself tells me the quality is good, but I wouldn’t call it exceptional.

I only have a couple of data points, but, my first impression is that The Galley is not all that easy to work with. Any thoughts?

2.Custom sink by Dino Raichelle. I actually live within driving distance from his shop. I have to admit that from what I’ve found online, I’m impressed with the grade of materials he uses, and his shop’s machining and welding capabilities. So impressed that I wonder if maybe I’m not…how should I say this?…maybe I’m not the appropriate clientele?

I don’t need a Ferrari. I’m more than happy with a solid Lexus with mid-range options package. OTOH, if I can get a Ferrari for the same price as the Lexus, heck yeah, I’ll take it! What do others have to say about the comparisons?

  1. Delta and Kohler are the only other brands of workstation sinks that my research indicates are reliably of good quality. The cost difference is substantially lower and there are fewer accessories and options. It seems they trailed Galley and Raichelle by quite a lot for a substantial amount of time. However, it seems that Delta has recently decided to step up their game.

I would appreciate everything others are willing to share!


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