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Weird shortages...

last month

I went to buy some masking tape from the commercial supplier of cleaning supplies, toilet paper etc. He's open to the public and I buy some items there. I use masking tape to label my freezer goods.

He told me he hasn't been able to get any for a few months. I've seen some in the dollar store but I haven't looked recently, but the rolls are so small. I'm used to buying fat rolls of masking tape. However I'm sure they'll have shrunk in size when he does get them in.

One thing that he said that's in very short supply is computer/copier paper. Costco has been out for months, Staples (our office supply chain) hasn't been able to get any in, plus they said that it will be more expensive when they do get it. Brian is afraid to think how much it will be. I haven't noticed computer paper being lacking in supply, I still have a few reams here at home.

What weird things have you noticed or heard?

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