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Gardeners, what are you harvesting?

last month
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What flowers are blooming in your garden? My salvia and coreopsis are blooming and they're so pretty. The short daisies are starting to bud out too. I love daisies. Will have to thin my Shastas this year, though, they're really starting to encroach on other periennials in the garden.

I just harvested some greens, chard, spinach, kale, along with a few snow peas and tiny carrots I'm slowly thinning out. Strawberries are starting to produce too. I've also gotten a couple handfuls of new purple potatoes.

I still have another large bed to put together. I started to do it the other day but one of the side peices was missing. The company said they would ship it this week. I also dug out two huge flower pots I "found" in my shed. I'm going to start some bee balm in one and pot a Mexican sunflower in the other, put them under the windows out front. I took out bushes there two years ago and black plastic/mulched the area to kill them completely out. It looks really bare so hoping it helps.

I have a big growing tunnel on the side of the house and everything is sprouting. The only thing climbing it right now, though, are snow peas.

How about your garden?

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