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Speaking of Iced Tea: who drinks Iced Coffee

Deb_Ab ;)
last month

I like iced tea, but only sweetened. I've never made it at home, I usually buy either one particular brand that uses real tea pre-made, or Nestea Iced tea powder which really is tea flavoured Kool-Aid. LOL

But Iced Coffee... Who loves a good tall glass of iced coffee and do you make your own? I have a jar of coffee brewing in the fridge right now. I make my own by grinding my coffee beans and pouring cold water over them. I let them sit in the fridge for up to 24 hours (usually that long because I forget I put it in the fridge: out of sight, out of mind). Then strain it with a paper coffee filter inside my strainer.

A lot of people drink it straight up which is how I drink hot coffee. Hot, strong, straight up and bold. But my iced coffee: cold, lots of ice (sometimes I make my ice from cold coffee), a 1/2 teaspoon of Skinny Syrup Mocha flavouring, and a tablespoon if heavy whipped cream, or half and half. Just enough to give it a caramel colour.

My favourite cold coffee drink however, is Starbucks blended Mocha Frapp. I drank a lot at work, but the Safeway store that's attached to our store recently closed so no Mocha Frapp's this summer for me at work. I so sad.... But on the other hand, it saves me over $6 a day in coffee. hahaha

Anyway, do you drink Iced Coffee?

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