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Fresh Favas

6 months ago
last modified: 6 months ago

Last year, my fresh favas from the farm didn't amount to much, so I got double this year. And it seems to have been more than double the work prepping them! I had the TV for company, some HGTV blather, but nothing I would have watched without having to shuck and peel the favas. It took three hours! For less than two cups. Well, maybe two cups because they were pretty well cooked in the blanching to get the skins off and were very tempting. The tiny ones were as bitter as the big ones were sweet. Anyway, by the time I was done I was in no mood to make the soup I'd planned and I made something else for dinner.

I almost never make fry ups, and certainly not eggs and bacon, but I thought I'd use up my duck eggs with the favas. Some had gone bad but didn't smell until opened and a little from a bad one had gotten into a good one (in the bowl), so in the end I jettisoned them all and got out some chicken eggs. But then I remembered that I had some "rustic" (whatever that means--it says it on the label), celery cured, artisanal bacon which had been for something else that hadn't been made. So I thought I'd do an eggs and bacon fry up in a cast iron skillet that needed more seasoning anyway. First the bacon for the grease, then some ground cumin, cayenne and black pepper, just enough for general tastiness, not enough to dominate. Eggs fried in the bacon grease, to slightly crispy, and spring onion in while they finished. The yolks were intact when I put the eggs on the plate but opened themselves (thermal shock maybe?). Favas into the spring onion just long enough to get warm through. Really good! The flavor of the favas wasn't highly impacted by the rest, just given context and happiness, which was the point. They shone through in all their beauty and the other played supporting roles.

So, did I learn my lesson? Nah. I ordered more. But I'll try to do the mise en place for the soup first and plan the time for cleaning the fava beans better.

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