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Pepper wilting after moving outside

Tim Farnsworth
last month

I started pepper plants from seed a few months ago.

Some of the plants were timed a little newer and some older.

They almost all started fine and moved them to pots and they worked fine in my basement grow area.

Grow area is some heat lamps and some regular lights. With a timer of 16 on and 8 hours off.

When I moved them outside 70+ temp during day and 50 at night they started wilting.

When I first moved them outside I did water them because they were dry. Checked yesterday and they were moist about 2 inches deep. But top leaves are wilting and starting to turn a little dry.

I did give them a misting of water today. To see if that helps.

The cups were used as bracing to keep them upright . Top Right tipped over when doing photo

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