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Is it expensive to relocate base and upper cabinets 6” to the right?

Ohhell No
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Basically im too late to request this from the builder and i want to move them 6” so that i can fit a 36” range. thing is, i have no idea how much this would cost.

It will look like the pic above demonstrating a 30” range rather than a 36” so i would like to move the right side of the range. what do you think? Should i even bother? Should i expect to spend more than $1k for moving them? located in texas. thanks!

Some extra info. I will replace the little hood with a chinney venthood Meanjng i will also throw away those little cabinets. i will also extend cabinetry to the ceiling so i dont mind redoing the crown molding later on. my kitchen looks pretty much like the pic at this point, the only thing missing is the countertop that hasnt been added yet but the builder wont let me make changes at this point

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