is curbless shower feasible in 44 sq ft bath

9 days ago

Three contractors have looked at the space. Only 1 is recommending a 1/2" high x 3/4" wide curb. The other 2 say curbless is possible.

The shower itself is 31" x 51".

The plan is for the entire room to be waterproofed.

Attached is what the curb would look like except this one is 3/4" high and mine would be 1/2" high.

I don't like the look and every time there is an edge, I envision less ease in cleaning.

My floor tile is 10 x 24 and there will be a fixed glass panel and a glass door.

What are the construction factors that argue against curbless in my space?

My plan was to replace the tub i never use with a curbless shower to give a sense of space and that curb was not my vision. However I don't want to insist on something that is not workable.

Thanks in advance.

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