Japanese maple combination, Waterfall and Bloodgood

I bought an Acer Palmatum "Waterfall" almost 15 years ago, but never really had a place for it. It's been in a large container this whole time.

Ideally, it would look like this:

Mature size is 8' tall and 10' wide, but I have a Tam that was in a container for a long time and its size is pretty stunted. So I doubt that the Waterfall gets larger than 4' x 4'.

Last year I thought that cicadas had killed it! But it came back, although many of the upper limbs are dead.

I'm building a new garden right now, and ordered a Bloodgood to be a centerpiece:

Mature size is 15' tall, 15' wide.

Since the Waterfall is shorter than the Bloodgood, do you all think it would look good to plant the Waterfall about 7' in front of (South) and just to the right (East) of the Bloodgood? The size and color pairings should be good, but I can't find any pictures of them together and I'm concerned that it might end up looking like I'm missing something.

With the Bloodgood being upright and the Waterfall cascading, maybe I should put the Waterfall considerable closer so that they overlap?

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