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Mama floof! What did ya get?

7 months ago

Happy Mamas Day to all the mamas out there! Did anyone get any nice gifts? I am not a mother so I mainly doled out the goodies. To my own mother, I sent 100 dark chocolate truffles from Harry and David, they are her favorites. I also sent some dark chocolate covered almonds from the same place, though they have not been delivered yet. And lastly, I sent her some thornproof rose gloves because she was lamenting to me how her hands get ripped apart when she goes to cut roses from her garden. I made sure they were fluorescent pink, so that she would always remember where she got them....

I gave my coworker a small heart shaped Happy Mothers Day cookie cake that I saw and bought on impulse at Publix. I do not know why, I am not her biggest fan. I guess just to do something nice...

My two sisters I just texted Happy Mothers Day. They did not want any gifts or anything. They would rather have a babysitter, a service I do NOT provide. I am sure they were lavished with love and gifts from their husbands and children...

I reminded SO of Mothers Day and asked him if he would like me to get something for his mother for him. I usually make her a candle and cut her some flowers from my garden. He told me no. She is not a monster, but she is not what I would deem his actual mother, as she gave him to her mother to raise and then proceeded to go have more children. She does call from time to time when she needs money or goods, and only then. I think she would prefer to have cash anyway. I do not know if he will grace her with it or not.

What if any gifts were you lavished with today? I am sure you all deserve them and MORE!

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