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Current window prices

a something
2 months ago

I searched for real prices many times to get an idea of what they would cost while planning our house, but never found much. I thought it would be helpful to share this with someone out there doing the same thing I did. These are window prices I had quoted THIS week. I am located in the south.

  1. Marvin
    The “Ultimate G2 double hung window” (it’s an all wood window with aluminum cladding on the exterior to protect it from the elements). At a size of roughly 3’x5’ with no exterior casing, it was $1354.30. The same exact window but with an exterior brick mold casing and subsill is $1738,40.

  2. Kolbe
    The “Ultra Sterling double hung window” (Kolbe’s all wood window with aluminum clawing on the exterior) at the same size window as above including a brickmold exterior casing and subsill was $1974.74.

Hope this helps someone trying to just have an idea/rough range on how much windows may cost right now.

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