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Which approach to fit a non-standard range hood duct size is better?

2 years ago

My installed ductwork is 7 inches (round). I can't find any range hoods that use that size. Local kitchen and bath shops and online retailers have not been able to answer my question below for some reason. It's quite possible I'm not framing the question right for sure.

What's better from an airflow optimization standpoint?

  1. Buy hood with 6 inch round duct and transition up to 7
  2. Buy hood with 8 inch round duct and transition down to 7
  3. Buy hood with 3 1/4 X 10 duct and get a 3 1/4 X 10 to 7 inch round duct transition

My old range hood was 600 CFM and connected to a 7 inch duct.


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