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ducting range hood inside a non-load bearing stud wall

13 years ago

I'm doing a kitchen remodel. I have a 36" Wolf Induction cooktop. I want to duct a vent hood horizontally into a non-load bearing stud wall. I propose to go into the wall and straight down into the basement. There, I can install any kind of inline blower and vent it out the basement wall.

My other option would be to exit the back of the hood, go up about a foot then turn right and out the exterior wall five feet away and use an exterior blower. Since I can "frame-in" for a horizontal duct run in the stud wall (think of it as installing a skinny window), I can do it either way. I cannot go straight up to the roof (in the wall or with a standard/typical vertical duct installation).

Right now, the vertical-to horizontal ducting takes up a huge amount of space in fake cabinetry.

The intent is to not use up the space over the vent hood (or hood insert), with ductwork. I want to have cabinets above it with glass doors... Also, I'm hard of hearing. I wanted to use a remote exhaust fan to reduce the noise when I'm cooking.

Is the immediate 90 degree turn into the wall a killer? Is there standard duct that will go between studs on 16"-24" centers? Will all this have to be custom made? Also, I have yet to find a (stock), hood or insert that has a minimum, 800 CFM capability that will work. I found one that looked like it would work, but it was not recommended for horizontal venting via a remote exhaust fan. Why?

Other ideas?

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