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SW white paint (pure white or alabaster) in new build

Kaitlyn G
last year

I just found out that I have an option to do quartzite for my new build (hasn’t started being built). I need to commit to cabinet paint colors now. I want to do white perimeter cabs and a black (tricorn) island. I will paint the walls and trim in the same white as the cabinet. Initially I had been thinking SW pure white (i was also considering Alabaster) because I wanted a cleaner look/not stark but now I don’t know how this would look with the quartzite I eventually pick out. The quartzite will also be on the backsplash. Light/med oak floors. There are lots of windows/doors facing south but it is a covered porch so not sure the light situation. I’d say my style leans transitional? Black windows, black and brass hardware/fixtures, etc. I do like the look of Taj Mahal which seems to lean warmer so I’m curious if this would work with pure white or maybe alabaster? But I like some others too (Mont blanc and cristallo have caught my eye) and some of these seem ‘cooler’. The paint has to be SW. I want to make sure the space feels warm but I’m finding that in any individual choice I tend to prefer cooler tones. My plan to counteract that is to include warm/neutral wood tones in the design and accents (I.e. wood accents on the island, hood, living room ceiling will be in wood). Will alabaster (cabs, trim, wall) feel too offwhite? Esp if I choose something like Mont Blanc or Cristallo? Alternatively will pure white feel too cold? I wish I could see spaces in person which had both of these colors but our builder didn’t use these in any existing models…since I need to choose cab colors now I really appreciate any advice that people have.

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