Kroger coupons stopped for no reason

laceyvail 6A, WV
4 months ago

I've been shopping at the same Kroger for almost 30 years and been using the card for as long as it's been offered. (If you're familiar with Kroger coupons you know they reflect your buying habits, so they differ from person to person.) Nov. I failed to get my coupons, same in Dec. and same this Jan. The first two times I called I was given a song and dance that it must have had something to do with my move Dec 17/change of address (though I'm only 4 miles down the road and the PO has delivered all mail sent to old address). The third time I called the rep looked a little deeper and told me I hadn't shopped enough--only 15 times. I went ballistic. At one point I read from my check register every Kroger check I'd written back to May. I named many of the items the coupons had been for. She said I must have been using another card. No other card. Finally she said she'd talk to her supervisor. After a 15 minute wait she returned and said she could do nothing. The computer showed I'd only shopped there 15 times. I offered to send copies of the checks I'd written. No comment. This went on for a while until I said that if I didn't receive coupons by Feb 1, I was going to contact my state's Better Business Bureau. I said that this is not how a quality company should act toward a loyal employee, that I expected an apology and amends in the form of coupons and extra coupons. No comment.

And the next day when I shopped at Kroger I went to the manager's desk. He was not there but the woman behind the desk was an employee I've known for years. After explaining my situation, she said she hadn't been getting her coupons either and got the same song and dance I got--she hadn't been shopping enough. No apologies/amends offered to her either.

I'm really furious. On a fixed income, I count on those coupons to cut my costs.

Anyone else having the same experience?

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