adding patio cover to create usable outdoor space in Seattle

Em Wang
4 months ago

located in PNW

want to add patio cover/roof over 2nd floor rear deck to create usable outdoor space for that 2nd floor and also basement deck below, albeit would be damp and cold 9mths of the yr, but think roof would allow us to have 2 drier areas, as opposed to just using a undercover system / Trex rainproofing for the deck. Also wanted clear roof to keep sunlight still into dining/kitchen

was originally going for polycarbonate Lexen roof over pergola structure (was quoted 8-9k) but told it wouldn't add much value to house, some more leakage and will yellow, albeit more light

was also quoted 20k for this more complete roof with t&g under roof. Do you think this is reasonable quote? I have attached a picture of possible finish (albeit no electrical I believe)

space is about 12*14 feet


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