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New build/First home. Please help with fireplace design!!

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Hello everyone,

I am currently building a house and am working on finalizing my living room fireplace design. I am looking for a natural LIGHT grey stone with subtle white veining for my fireplace. I am using white quartz with grey veining in most of my house and want to do something that is a little different but still cohesive. I have gone to several stone yards in my area but have not had any luck. I am working with someone who is going to be custom building this fireplace but they do not have any stone in stock that is to my liking. I live in a small city and am very limited in selection. I started looking online for other options but its difficult to tell what the true colors of the stone are based on photos alone.

I am looking for a light grey stone in color and most of the stones I am seeing online are very dark and some are almost black although they are considered grey.

If you have used a similar stone to what I am looking for please let me know. I would prefer marble but am open to other stones. The company I am using for the fireplace does not have experience utilizing porcelain otherwise I would be considering that as well.

If you could please provide any supplier recommendations, that would be greatly appreciated! I am located in New York state.

Any and all feedback is appreciated, thank you!

Quartz being utilized in the kitchen and bathrooms

The quartz below is being utilized for kitchen counters, bar counters, kitchen backsplash, bar backsplash and all bathroom countertops:

Source: LX Hausys Calacatta Plata Quartz

Coloring Inspiration Photos

The photos below represent the coloring I am looking for:

Fireplace Design

The shape of the fireplace will be similar to the photos below:

Thank you so much!!


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