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New build farmhouse kitchen with fireplace, help with design!

First time poster, but been "listening in" to your wisdom for a long time. I am having trouble with designing new build kitchen for farmhouse. We are planning on going to designer but want to have a lot of ideas to communicate with him first since our dreams are so umm, "unique". We are a family of four, one primary cook with one teenage helper and a six year old who is learning. I bake bread and other goods at least twice a week, can my garden produce, and basically cook from scratch a minumum of two meals a day. We have children/spouse with profound hearing loss so non-open floorplan is really better for sound management and seems to fit us well.

Our desires/needs:

-I really want a fireplace and small cozy sitting area in kitchen area because this is where we really "do life" at. I have people that stop in for coffee and invision sitting with them there. I also invision this as a spot that someone can chat with me while I cook. One challenge I can see is the need for a chimney in the middle of floorplan and roof. We have wood on hand and would like wood burning.

-l am interested in having a baking station in pantry- what are your thoughts on this? Is this impractical? My reason for this would be that I could store all baking ingredients on an open shelf within easy reach. Normally I am a "countertop minimalist" and don't like tons of clutter. Please share your input on this! I also really want this pantry to be large enough to store my canning goods.

-kitchen on exterior wall, as my current kitchen is in a dark hole and I dream of doing dishes with a window to look out of.

-Properly venting my cooktop (looking at induction?) is very important to me. In a given week I will can produce, fry okra, grill panini and blacken salmon. Seriously. I need a vent. Does this cooktop need to be on exterior wall?

-Two dishwashers. I know this sounds like a splurge but it is very common for me to run my dishwasher three. times. a day.

-my original thought was that I wanted the island to just be a solid surface with no sink. I realize this may not make the best work triangle so I'm willing to move sink but would rather try other options first.

-we won't have formal dining room but would like dining room "nook" to be surrounded by windows- we are avid bird watchers. I also feel like this would be best for noise conduction. Dinner time is a challenge with hearing loss. I would love a window seat if that works.

If I am heading into the wrong direction with this please tell me! It doesn't cost me anything to make major changes now before I mess something up in real construction life! ANY wisdom/help/tough love would be appreciated!

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