Help! how to decorate a wood accent wall and decorating tips?

4 months ago

hello all - i recently moved in a condo (570 sq m), layout is rectangular, with wood accent wall and dont have much light coming in (my exposure is North). I am at lost how to decorate my living area with wood accent wall. i bought some wall decors and plants already but not sure where to put them. Would appreciate any help and welcome comments. Below are additional questions. Thank you in advance.

1. wood accent wall. should my TV go there instead? If not, appreciate a sample or artwork that goes with wood accent wall

2. there is free space across my dining area which i dont have any idea what to put there. thinking of putting a keyboard since i'd like to go back playing and learning piano

3. i would like to put mirror but need help where to best put it?

4. i like to entertain friends. but my sofa is not enough to accomodate 5 freinds. im concerned to put addl chairs.

5. i welcome any comments how to improve (or if you dont like anything, i am open to listen as well) and make it feel like home.

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