Breakfast Nook Remodel SOS!!! IDEAS WANTED!!!

Rafer Riller jr
4 months ago

Hey Houzzers,

This is technically my breakfast nook, but over the years I’ve made it more into a sitting room. Everything you see in it right now is brand new. For years, I’ve been reworking this room. Below you’ll see two photos of what the room looked like a few years ago.

A little history of the remodeling that took place here:

Looking at the older photos, phase 1 included, removing the spoon and fork, moving that tall cabinet to the center of that wall, and moving both chairs to each side of the window with the little table you see with the tree on it, placed in the center of the window.

Phase 2 included, changing those brown curtains out for bronze colored curtains, removing that small table with the tree, removing that vase with the plate on top, and placing each of those chairs on both ends of the room, parallel to the big wall and facing each other. Kind of like what you see with the one chair that’s in front of the window.

Looking at the newer photos, phase 3 was conducted last year and was the BIG ONE. As you can see in the images below, the big square ottoman was removed and replaced with that silver side table along with the glasses and flowers on top. The chairs were swapped out for these lovely new, velvet, cream and gold chairs. The bronze curtains were removed and replaced with the cream and gold curtains you see on the window now. A new vase and sticks was installed in the exact same place where that old vase was. And finally, you can’t see it very well, but the light fixture was swapped out for a new silver light fixture.

Now I’m currently on Phase 4. I started by removing the rug and that tall cabinet from the room entirely. I love how removing that cabinet opens up the space and gives back wall space. I added two new mirrors to both sides of that wall as well. But here’s where the dilemma is. I don’t know what direction to go in to finish this phase.

I would simply like to know 3 things from you all:

  1. What color and type of rug should I put down for the room? Should it be a large area rug like the previous one I had, or a smaller rug that covers just the area of the chairs?

  2. Below you’ll see additional images of two dressers I was considering for the wall, to place between the mirrors. Which of those two do you believe would work best with this space, it’s colors, and feel?

  3. In the images, you’ll see a small artwork on the wall. Consider that as a sample piece/placeholder. I definitely am looking for a larger piece to place up there. Based off the look and feel of the space, along with your idea of which dresser should be on that wall, what kind of artwork do you believe would best fit and tie that whole space together?

BONUS: Do you think the curtain rod should be replaced? Perhaps, with a gold or silver one? Or is it fine for now?

Any other thoughts/ideas you all may have regarding anything else with the room, that I haven’t pointed out, are deeply encouraged and would be welcomed as well. I really would appreciate you all’s guidance.

Thank You.

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