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Basement flooring conundrum - mix of concrete and asbestos tile - LVP?

2 years ago

Hello all

We are finishing our basement, which had a concrete subfloor that was covered by old asbestos tile. We told our handy man not to touch that tile, and the plan was to put vinyl peel & stick planks over it. One reason we picked peel & stick over LVP is we have a drain down there and the floor slopes a good bit around that drain.

Anyway, the handyman had someone helping him who went ahead and ripped up about 1/3 of the asbestos tile, and not in one confined area (it is sortof scattered around the basement now). We stopped work down there, got a strong HEPA filter, and had the tile and mastic tested by a lab. Testing confirmed tile contains asbestos, and mastic does not. We don't have the budget for a full abatement now.

My question is, what do we do about the new flooring we want to install? I feel like the surface is too uneven now for the peel & stick planks (which are very thin and may show the different heights of the floor now). We are thinking of going with LVP now.

If we do go with LVP:

- Do we need to get the floor more even by using an underlayment or self-leveling compound (can you even use that compound on top of old tile and areas that just have mastic residue???)

- How would we navigate the low point in the floor around the drain? We feel like the drain is needed because it is by the laundry area and bathroom.

Also, is there anything else we need to do now to limit our exposure to the asbestos? I know what's done is done, but I don't want to further endanger our handyman or my family if I can help it.

Thanks all for your advice!!!!

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