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What floor to install over vinyl asbestos tile in basement?

13 years ago

Hi everyone,

We have a dry basement (so far, at least) that has 1960s vinyl asbestos tile on teh floor. It's in fairly good shape in most areas, but there are a couple of places where tiles are coming up (mostly in the laundry area, which we are not looking at finishing for now due to cost).

budget is a major concern, and this needs to be a DIY job (at least mostly).

We'll be using the basement for a home gym and TV watching.

We have talked about carpet, but the way my husband pours sweat during workouts, the thought disgusts me. So that's out. I'm afraid peel-and-stick vinyl won't work over the current vinyl since some are loose,a nd since some of the existing tiles have spilled paint on them. Also, the existing old tiles are variegated, so I assume peel-and-stick is out.

What about laminate? Would that work?

Any thoughts? Since they are asbestos and it's sort of a large area, I don't really want to remove them (or pay to have them removed). I'd prefer to encapsulate. I'm just at a loss as to how we can do this....

any thoughts will be most appreciated. Thanks!

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