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installing schluter ditra over vinyl tile over basement concrete

5 years ago

hi all,

i've been reading forums all over the interwebs about this topic and can't come to a conclusion.

we removed our carpet in our basement and want to install ceramic tile.

the ugly green tiles you see below are present over the carpet - and they're laid directly on top of the concrete basement floor. the house was built in 1988 and the tile should be from around that timeframe - so no issue with asbestos. the tile seems to be glued down quite well - not perimeter bonded but fully glued down.

my question is - should we remove the tile to put a membrane down like schluter ditra, or can we keep this tile since it is held down quite well?

i am aware of this article in schluter's faqs:

however, some folks are saying just remove the tile for peace of mind - but i can see the concrete below and it looks fine...

basically, can we rough up the vinyl surface and install the membrane over it?

also, for the small area that was removed as shown in the picture below - how can we even this out - perhaps just mortar? the tile is very thin - about 1/16"


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