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help with the furniture placement is needed, pass through living room

Alexey Socha
2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

How would you organize the furniture in the living room (20 by 20 feet) that has an entryway (from the foyer) in the middle and two pass through to the kitchen and a dining rooms? We will appreciate your suggestions, you can consider ANY furniture pieces in addition to the traditional sofa + coffee table...there is no fireplace, we plan to put a large flat screen TV on the right hand side wall. I do not have pictures as the drawing is from the floor plan I cannot share either (by contract I signed with hte builder). The kitchen and the dining are separate rooms, but the openings are wide. The back of the room will feature sliding doors outside, we plan a patio there. The foyer is large enough to have a coat closet and a bench. I have updated the drawing, the numbers are the sizes in feet. We are flexible with the position of TV but we really do not want a fireplace. Ideally we would like to have two zones- one is for watching TV and the other for recreation/ play with our toddler. We can close and open the walls on the left but we really do not want all open floor concept.

UPDATE: The size of the windows is undetermined at this point - standard medium size would work. We are a family of 3, no pets. The number of guests we entertain 3-5 can be more (around 10) on a rare occasion. We prefer contemporarily furniture - smaller pieces

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