Soapstone sample test-- Is this normal?

last month

I'm leaning toward soapstone for my new kitchen (new build). I've been saving these samples for years, after not using soapstone in my current kitchen. I wanted to get it back then, but I was overruled! (Got granite instead.) Now I'm testing the samples to see what they look like when I abuse them, eg, leaving fingerprints on them, dragging heavy pans across them. The larger sample is a "Brazilian" soapstone from a Vermont dealer. The smaller one is Alberene soapstone. I've ordered samples from M. Texeira but I don't have them yet.

I like the look and feel of the larger one, and I prefer the stone unoiled. The smaller one seems harder and smoother, and I don't care as much for the feel or for the pattern. That one scratched visibly when I dragged a cast iron pan across it (something I would avoid doing in real life), whereas the larger one didn't. I intentionally left olive oil fingerprints on the samples for a few days. (That test is more realistic for me!) When I tried to wash the olive oil away with Dawn dish soap (what I was told to do by a soapstone shop), neither of them washed out, but the larger one is more noticeable, as you can see.

Is the fingerprint thing something that happens with most kinds of soapstone? If you don't oil the countertop, do the fingerprints fade away over time, or do they develop into a sort of patina? I don't think this is a deal-killer for me, but I'd like to know what to expect.

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