Grading Question for porcelain tile patio

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Hi there,

I could use some urgent help regarding my new patio that has been installed yesterday. It rained overnight and I saw puddles of water which shrank, but some water still remains.

The contractor is measuring the begin and end grade (which is 2 inches for 16 ft patio run) but I feel he is not accounting for dips along the way.

I used 4' level and I see few tiles where the level is flat. The tile is 2'x2'. He thinks its tile defect as some have minor variations in the surface. But the 4' level being flat I feel points to the grading issue.

Thoughts? And on how to respond to the contractor?

The contractor comes back on Monday to apply EasyJoint and I'd like to figure out the next steps by then.

I think their worry is that if we move/lift one of them, it will impact the grading for the rest.

Thank you so much in advance!

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