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Help for living room wall colours

last year
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I’m desperate for help.

After few exhausting months of renovations I’m on the final step, choosing wall colors which has turned to a nightmare for one particular room and the most important - the living room.

I firstly bought a beige wall color (it’s something like manchesten tan, but another brand - greek one so i won’t give the number here) which has became darker then i expected and worst part - GREENISH.

My issue is that this is 1st floor from a house with a big yard and threes outside, i have window and door from north, window with door from south and 3 windows from east.

so we’re talking mainly for eastern room exposure with a lot of threes around.

as the room has law amount of natural light after noon, i want to have a light color inside.

The floor is light wood and the furniture is dark brown wood.

I desperately wanted a LIGHT GREIGE color with MORE BEIGE in so i bought pale oak from Benjamin Moore (pink arrow part)

and it has become GREY without any shade of beige, something which I don’t want because it does not suit my furniture at all.

i bought manchester tan but there is no ddifference with the color that i have right now - still dark and greenish.

I bought white dove benjamin moore (white arrow on picture) it’s looking alwful, like a white wall that it’s dirty. so no white suggestions anymore

below pictures.

the color on the left is the first color that is looking green (something sinilar to manchester tan on the sample)

the white color above the door next to the pink arrow is White Dove benjamin moore and lively is suiting awfully.

the right color with the yellow arrow is pale oak which is looking like basic gray without any beige in it.

i was looking it all day on different lights - no beige in it.

What i want is a beige with really low amount of gray and without greenish undertones.

i have access only to benjamin moore so please recommend me a light beige shade with a little gray in it, not only a grey one

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