two air returns same room, same duct

Chad S
last month

Thank you for all the comments on my previous HVAC question.

Have two more…
This is a split level house.

Basement or bottom floor has a room that has two air returns in it. One is by the floor, one is by the ceiling. Same wall and same duct. That duct also goes to the main floor’s bedrooms cold air return.

Is this ok?

Second question…
Air return is in a closet in the basement/bottom floor in the main area. There is another vent in the wall from the room into the closet. I’m guessing they thought would work…. I don’t believe it does and I am leaving closet door open.

Recently I read on the internet that is against code. I had a house inspection go through the house before closing. I asked about that (not knowing at the time it wasn’t code) and the house inspector said that wasn’t part of his inspection.

Two questions there. I’m not familiar with any hvac things….

Thank you!!

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