It's finally hit home - current shortages

Carmelita is 11-1/2 years old. It took me 11 years to get a food that she likes and is even eager to eat. It is Hill's Biome formula. It comes in dry and wet. I get both. She mainly eats the wet food with a little dry on the side which she will eat. I have 3 cans left so called the vet to get some more. They were out of stock but had it on order. They checked their order and found it back ordered. I went online and NO ONE has any with the exception of some company I've never heard of and they wanted $115 for 12 cans. The cans are about $4 each which is bad enough but almost $10 a can??? I don't believe they even have it and certainly not going to pay that.

I am concerned about having to switch her to some other food. She has done so well on this and I'm really worried about her and this situation. Has anyone else come up against this?

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