Finally ran down a Texas Torchwood (Amyris texana)

last month
last modified: last month

Bought the last one the National Butterfly Center in Mission,TX had in the 'plants to sell' nursery. It was $8 and $16 shipping. They shipped in wet newspaper surrounded by a plastic bag, so it was plenty moist upon arrivel. It appears to be healthy and freshly ldug up. It had what looked like a curled major root off the trunk (not sure if it's a tap root or not, but it's real big and brown, unlike the smaller white roots I can see in the soil) high at the logical dirt line, so I buried it a wee bit deeper in the pot than I usually do, fearing not doing so would expose that key root to air. Had to use a 12" deep pot as the root clump was very deep and I idn't want to disturb them. Lots of visible white roots also, so "we're off". Plan to eventually take it down to our cabin property in Gause, TX. I've decided on a semi-sunny spot (about 6 hours full sun a day max with scattered trees within 20-25' of the spot) close to my raised veggie garden beds. If it eventually reaches a blooming stage, those pollinators will have their job to do very nearby. I'm also eager to try the dark fruit myself, if the birds don't get them all. It should LOVE the sandy soil down there.

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